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Project Risk Management
This two day course provides practical guidance about how to identify, monitor and manage the risks associated with projects.

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Who Should Attend ?

  • Project managers
  • Programme managers
  • Project team members
  • Project stakeholders
  • Senior executives
  • Operational Review staff

The Benefits of Attending

  • Projects implemented within budget;

  • Solutions that meet quality requirements;

  • Projects implemented to plan;

  • A consistent formal approach to change;

  • Structured management and progress reporting;

  • Active risk management;

  • A motivated project team;

  • A business that pro-actively changes for the future.

Course Synopsis

Day 1


Day 2

1. Introduction  10. Assessment and impact
2. Project principles 11. Sensitivity analysis
3. The reality  of projects 12. Risk Mitigation - the response
4. Risks overview 13. Logging and audit
5. Project risks 14. Monitoring and control 
6. Risk policy - what to consider 15. Continual learning
7. Responsibility and accountability 16. The lifecycle to closure
8. Risk identification 17. Checklists 
9. Sources of information 18. Conclusions