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Negotiating Skills

This two day course assists delegates to develop their negotiating skills.

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Who Should Attend ?

  • Procurement staff;

  • Any staff responsible for purchasing goods or services from external sources;

  • Staff responsible for selling goods or services.

The Benefits of Attending

  • Staff better able to negotiate cost effective contracts;

  • Increased staff confidence when dealing with third parties;

  • Improved ability to achieve the desired results in a structured way;

  • Reduce loss of business through poor contact with clients;

  • A structured and consistent approach to negotiation.


Negotiating Skills - Course Synopsis
1. What is negotiation
2. What do you need to negotiate
3. Styles of negotiation
4. How to negotiate with confidence
5. Research techniques
6. Determination of the end goal
8. Development of successful negotiation strategies
9. Understanding the style and position of your opposite number
10. DISC behavioural profiling to understand yours and other's behavioural style
11. Positioning
12. Fall back positions
13. Questioning and interviewing styles
14. Appropriate negotiating language
15. Strategy, Preparation and rehearsal
16. Dealing with Objections
17. Getting to win - win