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Programme Management
Our clients' businesses are in a continual state of progressive change. This often results in a number of dependent projects competing for valuable resources. Square Mile have in-depth experience of managing the competing demands within programmes and ensuring the successful implementation of the programme as a whole.

Rapidly changing business strategies in the financial services markets have led to a large increase of internal organisational adjustments resulting in a need to rationalise and globalise products and services.

Delivery of these strategies requires setting up complex, long term programmes embracing market development, business process rationalisation and re-engineering, IT architecture development, IT application development and organisational change.

Square Mile specialises in the management of these programmes. Our success is based on our experience in managing the critical success factors essential to deliver a programme.

  • Retaining focus on strategic business objectives and delivery of benefits

  • Management of risk

  • Clear understanding and communication at the programme and project level

  • Reacting to changes in the market and consequent changes to business objectives

  • Facilitating organisational change

  • Facilitating rapid decision making and resolution of issues

  • Management of all participants contributing to the programme