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Business Process Reengineering
Whether involved in process improvement or the more radical process reengineering the driving forces behind these are characterised by customers, competition and change. The ability to take these driving forces on board and deliver benefits with rapid return on investments takes good planning and design abilities coupled with commitment and a willingness to complete the job no matter how difficult the obstacles.

Often there are serious barriers to change and these need to be understood and planned in to the overall change programme at inception. Square Mile believes there are critical success factors that lead to successful outcomes for reengineering projects. These are:

  • Top management sponsorship
  • Close alignment to business strategy
  • Compelling business case for change
  • Effective change management
  • Line management accountability for change
  • Effective team with appropriate skill set and a commitment to succeed
  • Methodology
  • Constant and diverse communication

Square Mile are able to facilitate change by working closely with our clients. We do this by providing experience, knowledge (both business and technology), enthusiasm and the willingness to train and coach the team members. We welcome the challenges faced by typical reengineering projects and enjoy the success of delivering benefits to the client organisation.