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Business Case Preparation
A well defined business case is is needed to support a decision to initiate a project. Actually getting to the stage where a business case can be presented for ratification requires establishment of ownership a clear understanding of the proposition in terms of scope, objectives and investment appraisal.

Working with the key stakeholders Square Mile will conduct the detailed analysis and ensure that all aspects of the proposition are appropriately challenged. This ensures that a solid business case is presented and that all key assumptions are appropriately highlighted and understood. The business case tells the project story in straight forward, easy-to-understand language. It will provide compelling justification for a change by outlining (at a high level) what benefits could be achieved through change and outlining the solution and its possible impacts. The business case will therefore include:

  • Situational assessment and Problem Statement
  • Project description
  • Solution alternatives and assessment
  • Solution overview
  • Investment appraisal model consisting of:
    – Costs (including capital expenditure, expenses and funding)
    – Revenue generation
    – Cost savings
    – Taxes
  • Tangible and intangible benefits
  • Risks
  • Implementation timeline
  • Recommendations

Square Mile have developed a number of business case models which means that we can hit the ground running when presented with a new set of investment appraisal templates.