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Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
We have in-depth experience of all phases of BCP development, testing and maintenance. In the current uncertain climate, with the likelihood of business disruption risks materialising greater than ever it is imperative for investment in BCP.

Square mile have a BCP methodology called CONTINUUM. This encompasses the entire business, including sales, transaction processing, data management and support functions. Using business impact analysis, we identify key processes and functions and also areas where disruption of the processes would lead to a loss of customer or investor confidence in the organisation.

Potential incidents and risks are identified and evaluated over a range of timeframes. A cost-benefit justification for the delivery of a pro-active risk management and mitigation programme is prepared for management decision making. Recovery strategies are developed and a BCP is prepared and tests executed. Once established, the BCP must be regularly updated and re-tested.

We understand that many clients will have developed plans in past. The problem is often identifying which bits are still appropriate and work effectively.

Square mile offer a range of services tailored to individual client's needs. Our services reflect the necessity of continually developing the BCP plan to mirror the changes in the organisation.

Health Check on existing BCP

  • Reviews and audits existing policy, business impact analysis and plans.
  • Recommendations for updating, maintaining and testing existing Business Continuity Plans.


  • Identifies how BCP can be tested and offers assistance with the co-ordination, execution and evaluation of tests performed.

Full BCP service

  • We start from scratch and get you covered.