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System Implementation
Implementing new systems, whether they are package software or bespoke developments, is a complex and risky endeavour for financial institutions and there are many horror stories which lay testimony to this. One of the key reasons for this is that the implementation process brings along with radical changes and quite often will touch almost every business process within the enterprise. Change on such a scale can therefore be a threat to personnel, who fear for their places within the organisation, and who may have their own agendas with regards to the proposed changes.

Square Mile recognise the challenges and obstacles facing organisations when implementing package systems. We also recognise that there is a balance between having rigorous implementation methodology and ensuring the job gets done. Our style is therefore pragmatic and uses our experience as project managers to provide control, effective communication, management of risks and issues but above all to make sure the right job gets done on time and according to budget.

There are various phases of a systems implementation and the following lists some of the key activities which must be undertaken:

  • Integration design, planning and delivery
  • Sizing, planning and delivery of any new infrastructure elements
  • Business process design including new procedures development
  • Testing strategy and implementation including stress tests and disaster recovery
  • Conversion strategy, design, planning and cut over to live.
  • Vendor management

We are adept at putting in place a multi-skilled team who are able to work well together to meet the challenges a successful project demands.